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Szőnyegtisztítás Budapest

Plastic raw material acquisition

The purchase of plastic raw material for plastic waste recycling process necessary for the resulting state is the simplest. These may be chips, granules and re-granules. The grinder starts agglomeration of plastic films, it is a darabosítási and compression process by adding water followed by freezing. The higher up the waste produced előtöréssel grinding. The process is complete, the size of 1.5-2 cm chips produced by the process has finished, filled bags.
The granulation process is a so-called master batch and various additives are added to the recycled plastic. Thus, the homogenized plastic that formed during the re-use “new” to be better and stronger plastic and new look.
The granules from a screw-cutting means is formed, which is granular in bulk, thus becoming suitable for the preparation of the new finished product.

Szőnyegtisztítás Budapest

Plastic raw material sales

The separately collected waste plastics 90% was exported to China a few years ago, and the neighboring countries, it is now, fortunately, the plastic material 60% of our country remains, to avoid it is a constant, the economy steps forward cycle. The company acquired the sales of plastic raw material contributes greatly to our country’s environmental guidelines above can be kept off of. The chips and granules re-acquisition of strict quality standards have been set up, the plastic material of which the sale is to be met. Partnership relations with the sales of plastic raw material carefully build up, in line with the quality regulations. The darélkot bought and re-combined and rearranged garnulátumot bioconversion partnercégeinknek be sold, recycled.

Szőnyegtisztítás Budapest
Szőnyegtisztítás Budapest

Plastic raw material transport

Homes and offices can become used to the trash just levisszük, maybe throw in ledobóba and then deliver it. The environmentally conscious end users time and energy spórolva have picked it apart, and then placed in separate containers in one area it is banished. The shipment of waste has major inconvenience everyone could experience. Or wake up at dawn to the sound of terrible waste transport vehicles and associated sounds vonszolgatásával garbage, or slow down traffic. The plastic raw material transport to another category, however, did not go to the house early in the morning in front of the vehicle and do not go to a snail’s pace through the streets.
Our company not only is this trade of plastic raw materials, but also undertake existing and prospective customers in buying plastic raw material supply offered on favorable terms. You is not nothing else to do but to wait for us the goods ready to ship. Removed from the plastic waste materials we are able to return a certificate is issued.


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