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Since the Industrial Revolution rapidly deteriorating state of our planet. The large-scale use of coal had a positive impact on the development of a modern economy, power, more swing states in advance, and of course cheap. The invention of plastic, as well as recognition of the diversity of the twentieth. the first half of the century, industrial production volume resulted. II. World War hiánycikké metals become perfect substitutes in many cases, plastic (eg tube of toothpaste) launched a huge boom. However, it’s cheap, almost every application form and product color can only further burden on our environment. Unfortunately, the environment of the then great powers and emerging countries have not yet thought of. The first environmental protection laws in 1967 and have been applied to the classification. The EU directives on environmental protection is the main control of the Amsterdam Treaty. That the environment an awareness of this is too late or not, this can lead to serious irreversible damage, which can affect up to our species, scientists are still debating the masses.
Up to late grief or not, you can always act and be well!
Countries in order to protect our planet, and multi-company, it is important that we also play our part in környezetvédelemből. Thus, the EU enterprise policies and the importance of protecting the environment while complying with established. We have not received plastic waste continue to poison the atmosphere of our planet, there is no combustion occurring in the landfill. In the spirit of recycling, the recycling industry to support us, it will also reduce the burden on the environment.


One small step for man, one giant step towards the environment!


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